Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Where are you God

Its the question we all have when we feel like we are drowning in our circumstances. This morning I was just asking God to keep Jon and I head above the water in a couple things going on, nothing major. Wow did He show me his Love in the most ironic ways today. I went to the grocery store because i haven't been there in like a month, so you can see how much i had to purchase. After unloading all the bags, cleaning supply spilling in one of them over on to the apples. A fireman walk by and said can I take your buggy for you!!! Yes you may :).  Didn't think much about it until I got home and started unloading the 5,000 bags ok a little exadderating there. There is and Atmos guy shutting someone gas off, as I am walking up with my second load of bags, Mamm can I get your door for you!! Yes you may.. Finished unloading and had the waters paper towels and TP. He was getting in his truck to leave got out and said I can get those water for you. I said no, but thank you. He said can I at least get your door again if you don't mind!! I don't mind if you do.

When God sends His Love it may not be in the form of our need, but he will always rescue us in the perfect time not a minute late! He showed me today that He has our back in all things just trust in Him and don't let fear cripple you....

Friday, June 3, 2011

It's about the "U"

It's not about what others think. It's about U!!! While attending a Just Fab~U~lous event you will learn to be the best U you can be through creativity, confidence and character!

Get creative with what you have been given. Learn how to do your hair and makeup in a way that embraces you!!! Learn to dress hot, not hoochy!!!! Stop trying to be something you're not.

Stop trying to be some version of "perfect" you think you should be and learn how to be THE PERFECT God made you to be!!! Your confidence will come when you believe God made you just the way he wanted to. When you believe that, a peace like no other will come over you.

Once you have that down and want to begin to live life to the fullest, you have to get your character in check! In the middle of the word Character is act, so get to act-n-right. Line up with our owners manual for this life... the BIBLE!!