Monday, May 23, 2011

lets run this mother(earth)!

REBEL: an individual who resists authority or control.

Let's resist control!! Girls, let's start a REBEL-lution!!

We are being controlled like puppets by Hollywood. We don't even know it because the strings are invisible. We are being jerked around by the music that we listen to. We love these songs so we watch the award show to see if our favorite got picked. Then the opener of the show is like we just went to a strip club. We become desensitized on the things we put into ourselves. We act on these things because we justify everyone is doing it. Which is a legit justification, but what I am telling you is...LET'S CUT THE STRINGS AND MAKE OUR OWN RULES! Let's become leaders of our schools and workplace, and if you end up where you shouldn't be, LEAVE! Who cares what the people around you think of you. One day they're going to regret all their terrible choices. They will realize you were a genius and that they were too blinded to see it. You never know, there may be many people waiting for you to stand up - be bold. Being a rebel today is not doing bad things, that's what everyone is doing. If you want to be a REBEL, then start a REBEL-lution.

Friday, May 20, 2011

God is NOT a Genie in a Bottle baby!!!

  Dear God why do I put you on the shelf until life gets ruff or I get desperate for a miracle? When life gets rocky I get my little bottle and call on you like a Genie and every time you are faithful with your presents. Then when you fix the situation I'm in, I put you back on your shelf and forget of your greatness. 

I have been so guilty of this and i am sharing it with you because i believe all of us has shelf God before, I don't want to do this anymore to the King of Kings, Lord of Lord want to share his Love with me and you....all of the time....

 Don't let God sit on that shelf until you are desperate and you have tried everything else there is and its not working and then resort to him. Then when you do call upon his name you feel so guilty you don't even think you are worthy of his Love. Lets be geared up and ready for whatever life throws at us and Lets have God off the shelf and right beside us so when the enemy attacks we don't have to go searching for him we are confident he is right there.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


I am so excited about this Journey God has called me on, but I am in need of prayer from my Just Fab~U~ous supporters. That He will give me a clear and sound mind to direct this ministry the way He wants it to come about. He will show me the people in my path that he has put there just for me to use to accomplish His greatness! I know i can not do this with my own strengh and I know thats when God will show up and do the part I can not do!! So thankful for my friends and Family who have help me with many decisions!!! Septembers Event the kick off of Just Fab~U~lous will be here so soon and lives are going to be changed for ever!!!!!!!! Amen!!!!!!!!